We are a house of code specializing in rails and iOS development.

Company Info

Hoverboard Labs was founded by Seth Siegler after the technology of his last venture was acquired. The team around him consists of those who have been coding, like him, since childhood in the 80's. We're a diverse team with the skills and experience to understand what lies ahead, in the path of each project we undertake.

Our skill sets are focused in ruby, rails, sinatra, postgres, ruby motion, and iOS.

We know what it's like to be in the shoes of a founder. We know that money doesn't grow on trees. Our goal is to deliver your project quickly, efficiently, affordably and with constant transparency. You have the dream. We have the code. Let's make it happen.

Highlighted Solutions

Our clients range from those looking to build an MVP for their new startup to white label projects for big software companies.

Here are two recent examples:

Our most recent project, Home Genome is a web platform that analyzes massive inventories of real estate for sale and identifies opportunities for sellers to buy each other's listings instead of waiting around for free buyers. It's a big data project that was made possible by the magic of postgres and redis.

"The Skiva Project":
A multinational printing company tasked us to design and build an application to track purchase orders from placement through fulfillment across multiple physical locations. Ease of use and device compatibility were key.