Digital Brand Communication

Company Info

Promoqube is Turkey's 1st PMD and leading social media agency focusing on marketing solutions for brand assets on social platforms. Besides global brands such as Starbucks, Johnson's Baby, Clean&Clear, Neutrogena, Huggies; our main clients are Efes Pilsen, Aras Kargo, Turkiye Is Bankasi, Hepsiburada, TRT, General Electrics, Galatasaray SK, LC Waikiki, Kotex and Metro Cash&Carrier.

Our core team consists of more than 50 dedicated and experienced Social Media Strategists, Analysts, Online Advertisers, Software Developers and Designers who are among the most influential people in the digital marketing community in Turkey. Working with the most talented people is our priority.

Highlighted Solutions

Promoqube is a company with 2 main services. First one is digital advertising (mainly social media) and the second one is social media monitoring and management. We develop solutions and combine them in order to satisfy our customers which are among the biggest corporations in Turkey.

Sense is our custom developed social media monitoring system in action since 2010.
Winnertweet is a Twitter campaign application which can create campaigns on Twitter instantly.
Ödüllü Sorular is a Facebook campaign application which can create campaigns on Facebook instantly.

Currently we are developing 2 products to create a social-data platform to accompany our social media monitoring software Sense.